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Garrett A. Foster, the owner and founder of Coach2Wellness, understands the unique needs and challenges of entrepreneurial professionals and business owners. Previously, he owned two successful small businesses: Key West Crossing, an ice cream and tropical gift shop, and Picasso’s Paint-Your-Own Pottery Studio. Along the way, he realized he had to take responsibility for his own health to be more successful in business.

​Garrett developed a passion for health, fitness and nutrition about 15 years ago after taking his first yoga class. At that time, the seeds were planted as he began to learn about the mind-body connection and how finding your passion can change your life.

​As he approached forty, he knew he could feel better, physically and mentally. To deepen his yoga practice, he became certified to teach and became even more committed to living a life filled with purpose and good health. Through regular practice, he has experienced many profound benefits – inner peace, more confidence and flexibility, fewer aches and pains, and even arches in his feet. For someone whose falling arches have always been a problem, this was an unexpected – but really nice – surprise!

​Another turning point came when Garrett was diagnosed with melanoma. It was successfully removed, and he is now nearly five years cancer free, but the experience caused him to become even more committed to being as healthy as possible. He changed his way of eating; hired a personal trainer to explore the many benefits of weight training (eventually becoming a certified trainer himself through ISSA); and worked cardio into the mix by taking Spinning classes, biking and walking.

​Today, Garrett is in the best shape of his life, with more energy and vitality to continue to be a successful entrepreneur. In addition to the many benefits he has experienced from his yoga practice, weight training has virtually eliminated the chronic lower back pain he suffered from for years by strengthening his core. And, cardio – along with taking the supplement L-Arginine – brought his once borderline-high blood pressure back to normal limits. While he was never really overweight, developing a new relationship with food and understanding the importance of good nutrition reduced his body fat to below 10%.

​To help others make the same kind of positive changes in their lives, Garrett enrolled in a health coach–training program. The experience built upon his previous coaching certification through Corporate Coach U.

​Garrett incorporated various elements into a lifestyle that works for him. Now he is committed to discovering what will work for you!

• Disclaimer: The information and opinions provided in this blog are not meant to replace the advice and care of a physician or medical expert. You are strongly encouraged to check with your physician before embarking on any fitness or diet regimen.

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